At Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis, we provide and install a complete line of lockers suitable and also ideal for country clubs, health spas, military, physical fitness facilities, employees, and schools. From initial design to manufacturing, finish, and installation, our superior line of lockers is engineered using the most advanced computer technology and quality you can rely on.

Our line of lockers include:

Military and first responder lockers are designed for the safety and economical storage of gear. These lockers will keep belongings safe and ready for that critical first response for fire, police, emergency response, and military personnel. They are made with top-quality steel and also built to rigorous requirements. Our military-grade lockers are secure, resilient, and ensured to last a lifetime.

Laundry and uniform lockers offer a wide range of expert garment distribution that include hanging garment dispensers, folded garment dispensers, laundry lockups, and towel, and linen control centers.

Aerated steel athletic storage lockers are welded and fully framed providing cost and functionality. Created with the professional athlete in mind, these lockers are advised for professional or varsity team areas. University lockers are crafted to stand up to excessive abuse.

Wood storage lockers are ideal for country clubs, sports clubs, athletic clubs, and spas providing distinct design as well as flexibility. The beauty is in the details and can be personalized and designed to your specifications. These storage lockers are high-quality furniture, each locker is a true work of art.

Plastic and Phenolic lockers offer extreme durability and are completely rust-proof. The special non-porous surface area of Phenolic material avoids mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing. They are waterproof, graffiti and scratch-resistant, making these lockers ideal for wet or damp areas. Our plastic lockers are fabricated from solid high-density polyethylene panels (HDPE) for optimal strength and durability while providing corrosion resistance to the most common chemicals.

Graduate, fully mounted all-welded passage storage lockers.

Affordable multi-purpose box lockers are excellent and functional where space is at a premium.

Heavy-duty corridor lockers that are 25% much heavier than a common locker.

Window lockers that are ideal for monitoring contents.

Whether you need wood, plastic, or steel, all the lockers we provide are manufactured with the highest quality products. Our storage locker lines are the personification of what it requires to endure the daily usage and also misuse usually dealt to a storage locker. With our innovation, our goal is to meet the evolving needs of our customers.